RIP Scott Weiland

I believe it was 1994 when I first saw Weiland performing live with STP. Scott's voice and showmanship was real, raw, and captivating.

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Short news update!  Tour schedule is updated with new Winter tour dates with Ages Apart & Hinder! We'll be adding more soon so bookmark the tour page and keep checking back frequently.

Just a reminder - As many of you know the Ages Apart / Hinder Fall/Winter tour 2015 has been postponed until Jan/Feb 2016.

Cody Webb signs sponsorship deal with EMG Pickups

Very excited to announce my sponsorship deal with EMG Pickups!  It's an honor to be part of the EMG family along with an incredible roster of musicians including James Hetfield of Metallica, Gene Simmons of KISS, and my buddies in Hinder to name a few.